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Sizes and Colors for you

We have 2 colors and 3 sizes of sunscreen sticks available to match your skin color and usage.

-DA MINI stick      1/4oz

-DA SURF stick         1oz

-DA JUMBO stick  1.7oz

-Brown color      -Beige color
​(You can check color by side tape.)


High-quality organic oil

No chemicals, only organic ingredients that are gentle on the sea and on your skin.

DA MASK is carefully made one by one by the owner's hands.

The active ingredient that blocks the main UV rays is zinc oxide, which is permitted by Hawaii law.

Other major UV blocking chemicals are prohibited in Hawaii. Please choose carefully what you use to protect the sea and sea creatures.



DA MASK sunscreen uses recycled paper push-up containers to achieve NO plastics, ZERO waste in order to protect this beautiful ocean, nature, and our Mama earth.


To Keep using FRESH.

Since DA MASK Sunscreen does not use any chemicals, the surface of the sunscreen stick may become dry and hard if stored for a long time or if it has not been used for a while.

In that case, you can extrude the sunscreen a little longer, cut the hardened surface, and use the fresh, smooth sunscreen again.

We also started a monthly batch/pre-order service because we want you to always use fresh, buttery smooth sunscreen. Please check it out.

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