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<Product produced on February 1st.>


DA "MINI" MASK sunscreen is smallest size of our line up, It's 1/4oz.

It's great to have it in your daily use bag, in the car and for your travel!! It's great little gift for your family and friends too.


Protect your skin from strong sunlight during you are enjoying ocean activity.

After swim or surf in the ocean, we always feel our skin is getting DRY. That is why we made the best moisturizing natural suncreen to keep your skin moisturizing during and after swim and surf.


SPF40 / PA++





-Water Resistant 80min (reccmend to replay every 80min)

-Reef Safe

-Kids Safe

-Skin Moisturizer 



Zinc oxide, Organic Bees wax, Organic Cacao butter Organic Shia butter, Oragnic Coconut oil, Organic Redraspberry seed oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Cocoa powder, Iron oxide colorment, Lavender Essential oil, Tea tree oil Grapefruits seed extract.


DA "MINI" MASK sunscreen For Travel&Daily 1/4oz

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